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It looks like you aren’t sure where my usual offerings fit into your desired support… that’s ok. 

Introducing, The Intimacy Lab!

Maybe you are here because you’re interested in exploring kink and BDSM together…

Maybe you would like more information about “Destination Intimacy”…

Maybe you made your way here from

The Intimacy Lab is where I meet you where you are and see how I can support you in reaching your goals.

Let’s schedule an exploration call and see what we can come up with.  


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Recent Testimonial: “Having read a few books on kink, negotiation looked easy to my IT-engineer’s mind until my first attempt to do it. Although my mind has always understood, without difficulty, that a “No” is a validation of “Yes”, my body never got it. Whenever I tried to negotiate play I would shut down and collapse upon hearing the first “No”, making any further play next to impossible.

To get over this hurdle, I needed someone trustworthy, generous, known for solid boundaries, and whom I am attracted to – in order to practice erotic requests under emotional pressure while receiving No’s and Yes’s as they come. Michelle’s Destination Intimacy in San Diego was an excellent choice for that type of experience. By the time of my session, I was comfortably immersed in Michelle’s warm attention as we had already spent several hours getting used to each other’s closeness by hanging out on the beach, watching seals and sea lions.

Going home right away after my session would have been like being caught naked in a snowstorm. There is a good reason why this should be a whole day. Going back to the oceanfront to watch the bioluminescence, while holding hands after light dinner together, was a soft landing out of paradise. Our session was rich, and I needed that time to slip gently out of Michelle’s charm.

Thank you, Michelle. Not only did I learn but I also lived a lot on that day.”


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I’m here to support you in discovering and loving your authentic self so that you can share the same love and acceptance with the people in your life, helping them do the same, over and over.


By witnessing you from a place of unconditional positive regard.

By encouraging you to borrow my love for you, until you can harvest it for yourself.

By offering a laboratory for exploration where risk-taking is a little less risky.

By empowering you to discover and own your pleasures in life.

By liberating you from the idea that putting yourself first is selfish.

By modeling self-love, worth, and compassion. No higher power, no magic, no woo-woo. I’m a self-educated, girl next door with a giant heart and experience in my growth process. I’ve done it. I know you can too.

I strive to build a deep connection with you while giving you permission to experiment with your boundaries, your desire, your body.

This “safe space” allows for you to explore and work through the human experience which can include, but are not be limited to:

Attachment wounds
Change in ability/circumstance
Body acceptance
Emotional and/or physical intimacy challenges

Human Connection Coaching is an experiential supplement to talk therapy or can be a stand-alone modality, though it’s always most powerful when used in tandem.