Meet Michelle Renee, Intimacy Coach


It looks like you aren’t sure where my usual offerings fit into your desired support… that’s ok. 

Let’s schedule an exploration call and see what we can come up with.  


Schedule an Intimacy Coaching Exploration Call


With curiosity and unconditional positive regard, I greet my clients with a grounding hug (if they are a yes) and a warm, inviting, infectious smile that starts to melt any protective walls.  I’m often told that I’m easy to feel comfortable with, that I have a calming demeanor.  That likely comes from my years as a professional cuddler.  

I married young and when the 20-year relationship ended, I needed to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.  With some fun exploration, which was kicked off after finding Betty Dodson and attending her masturbation workshop, I landed on “hands-on sex education”.

At that time in my life, I was also needing to learn a lot about boundaries, communication, and asking for what I wanted.  My work is very personal.

Back in 2015, professional cuddling was just hitting the market and I jumped on board.  I was supporting my clients in learning to ask for what they want and how to share authentic connection.  Although a strictly platonic service, it was certainly foundational sex education.  I also learned that the work that felt most rewarding was when we chose to sever our platonic working-relationship, so that we could focus on sexuality concerns.  That’s when I knew I needed to expand my offerings.  

I’m open-minded and open-hearted. I’m going to beam with love, and giggles will certainly bubble out of me.  I’m a direct communicator and find that I work well with the neurodiverse community.  I mainly work with cis men but I’m experienced in working with all genders. (My pronouns are she/her.)

Authentic connection is so important for your healing and growth.  I request that we meet on video for an introduction and exploration call so we can see how our connection feels and how you are looking to connect.  I want us both to be a big hell yes to working together. 

Currently, I’m based in Towson, MD, and see clients across the Baltimore/DC area.  I’m also in Philadelphia and San Diego every 4 weeks.  Though I do have in-call locations in Towson, Philly and San Diego, I’m also happy to travel to you for a modest fee.  With a wide range of tools in my toolbox, I ask the big question, “How would you like to connect?”  


While most of my work is based around establishing trust in ourselves and others, oftentimes supporting clients in reacquainting themselves to physical intimacy, I have some other areas of expertise too:

  • body acceptance including genital acceptance – this sometimes looks like nude cuddling, but each client is different and has different needs
  • kink and BDSM education/exploration – over 7 years in local kink/BDSM communities and have been topping for 6 of those years – expertise in sensation play, prostate play including pegging, CBT – knowledgable in bondage
  • non-monogamy and various relationship structures
  • orgasm/masturbation coaching for vulva owners

I look forward to speaking with you about how we can work together.  This call is not an invitation for phone sex of any sort.  The call with be ended immediately and your deposit will be forfeited if I suspect self-pleasure is happening. 


Schedule an Intimacy Coaching Exploration Call