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Michelle Renee (she/her), as a 2-decade relationship was ending, found a relationship with herself when she ran across an interview with Betty Dodson, longtime sex educator and “mother of masturbation”.  Through Betty’s openness about her own previous hang ups around her vulva, Michelle learned to love her vulva too.  As Michelle was finding true appreciation for both her vulva and her orgasm, she also started her journey into BDSM in 2014.  This personal journey eventually led into her work as a surrogate partner and intimacy coach.


Sara Glass (she/her) is a mermaid at heart.  You’ll rarely find her far from the ocean, a landscape you’ll often find in her art.  Based in San Diego, California, Sara has a decade of experience in the BDSM and tantra communities.  She began her personal transformation when she joined a 30 day challenge to view her pussy in a mirror every day of the challenge. 


In 2016, Michelle was introduced to Sara in San Diego after Michelle’s boyfriend spent the night with Sara and sent a morning-after picture of himself tied up in rope in her living room.  The two women met in person shortly after and instantly bonded over a shared desire to support vulva owners in loving their genitals.  Michelle likes to say, “Paul caught Sara but I kept her!”  

Today Michelle and Sara offer genital confidence workshops, inspired by Betty Dodson’s Bodysex workshops. 

OPTION 1: Michelle and Sara are available to come to you, for your curiated event.  Pick your people and we will work with you to create the event that meets you and your friends’ needs.  Contact us at to do a little brainstorming.  

OPTION 2: Join us for our next event in San Diego, CA. See below.

Do you ever feel self-conscious about your vulva? 
Have you ever told yourself stories about how it’s not like the ones you’ve seen in pornography? 
Do you wonder what an average vulva looks like? 
Does your lack of vulva confidence hold you back sexually?  
If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these questions, then I have one more question for you…
Are you brave enough to take the shortest path to vulva self-acceptance?

In 2014, Michelle attended a weekend workshop entitled BodySex with Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross in NYC.  Her time with Betty and Carlin created a whole new woman.  Everything about her changed, especially the sex she was having with herself and her partners.

You can learn more about BodySex at and I HIGHLY encourage you to browse their site and, if you can, take their BodySex workshop with Carlin or with one of their certified BodySex facilitators. It’s well worth the investment.


How many of us have never looked at someone else’s vulva?  Many of us have never even looked at our own!

A few years ago, well before COVID, Sara Glass and Michelle Renee started offering Vulva Confidence Workshops.  It’s time to bring it back!

Facilitated by Sara and Michelle, both cis women, this is a body and sex-positive event for up to 10 people with vulvas, assigned female at birth.  We will provide everything you need.  Just bring an open heart and a desire to take some chances. 

We invite you to join us for this upcoming workshop.  We are excited to get to know you and excited to help you get to know yourself better.  



Genital Confidence Workshop for Vulva Owners



Saturday, June 25th from 11am-5pm



Private residence in San Diego (UTC) – Address given with ticket purchase



Pre-event access to a private group (not on social media) for attendees to get to know each other, ask questions, etc.

You’ll leave the event with your own Energie Natural Contours Kegel Wand, a $55 value. 

A new relationship with your body



Water and light snacks

A Rechargeable Magic Wand for use during the workshop (we cover them with condoms for safety)

A variety of lubricants, massage oil, all supplies needed for the day

A cozy space with a couple of private spaces if you need to step away and take a break


PRICING (click to purchase): 

Pricing from May 9-June 10th: $299

Last Minute Price from June 11th-June 24th: $349


What does our one-day workshop look like?

11:00 am – Doors open.

11:15 am – Doors Lock, no exceptions!  We need to create a safe container.

5:00 pm – We will close the event.

Everyone will remove clothes when they enter the private home, located in UTC.  We will create a safe container, talking about boundaries and negotiations of our environment. We will then move into introductions, sharing our names, something we dislike about our bodies and something we love. Then our favorite part – Show and Tell. We will share how we feel about our vulvas. We will talk about the clitoris, urethra, vagina, and pelvic floor. We will talk about different shapes and styles of vulvas and how we like to please our vulva. Hopefully, if time allows, we will close out with a group massage.


Note about Covid Safety:

This workshop will be held indoors in a private home where there will be no mandatory vaccines, covid tests, mask-wearing, or social distancing. You can choose to wear a mask if you’d like but social distancing will not be possible.

We invite you to attend if you don’t require those things to be mandatory in your self-care.  Also know there will be other opportunities if this isn’t the right time.  



Q: Do I have to get naked to attend this event?

A: Yes.  Removing our clothing is scary.  We get that.  This is part of the experience and before you know it, most report they forgot they were even naked.


Q: Is there sex at this event?

A: There is no partnered sex at this event.  We will be teaching masturbation and you will have an opportunity to practice.  


Q: What if I get overwhelmed?

A: You are encouraged to take a break if you become overwhelmed.  We will have a private space or two available.  You are also invited to ask one of us to support you if desired.


Additional Questions?  Please email  

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